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Great game!

Great game to waste the day away on

O to the M to the G

Omg😀😀😀😀😃😃😃😃this game is so epic



Money grubbers

Game is nice enough, but the developers constantly and continually restrict those areas where rewards can be gained so that one has to spend for today, that which you did yesterday for free. Set the damned rules and walk away. Also, do not for a moment believe you are playing against people - your completion are bots. This is not necessarily bad - but there are times when the “competition” in the arena will suddenly amass an astounding amount of points inside a 10 minutes window. Finally, I was recently overseas with a less than stellar connection. All my other apps worked - with the exception of this one. It requires a LOT of assets (bandwidth, battery.....) to play.

Love it!!!!!

I love this game!

Angry birds evolution

This game used to have lots of rewards to keep you going, but over the year it has become more about getting your money; with each new update this company demands you spend your cash or just barely get by with very little rewards. It is not uncommon to see fellow teammates spend 100.00 and get nothing in return... just a cash and grab game

Need more 4-5 star birds

I love this game but need more 4-5 star birds. I'm addicted...can't stop


دیر دانلود میشه

Pay to PLAY.. and maybe win?

So this game is one of the most MONEY HUNGRY games you will ever play. Its rigged against you. Here are the top broken features. Eagle Mountain.. its not a gamble when its programed that no matter what you pick your going to lose. Thief pigs, gold pigs, and gem pigs.. also rigged to only work minimally in your favor. Often times paths you pick will not bounce the way it does when you target other non reward based pigs. Pvp.. at high levels the computer decides before you even begin if its going to let you win or not. On the determined loss you can get lucky and all the pigs on your enemy side and the computer will always pull off miracle shots to upset you. On Egg reward multiplier.. got it upto 21x and still didnt get rewarded the listed 5 star rewards.. then they removed the multipliers

Game title

I got this game to get free gems on another game and from the reviews and what I haft to do well Im happy I just haft to do the tutorial.

Review from longtime player/clan leader

I like a lot of the new features but; if you think you fixed the connection & video glitches YOU ARE WRONG. I lose connection which then freezes game at least 4-5 times a day & loss of connection where the app/game shuts off &/or closes app at least once(1) a day. If not for those unresolved glitches I would have given you 5-stars. Thanks for reading this & I look forward to when I can click that 5th & final star for you guys.

Gotten better....

I have seen that they finally made it so that when if you don’t buy stuff, you can actually beat the levels again. But now, it seems that they will match you up with people in the arena that are thousands of health points better than you, just because of their level of trophy. You need to change the algorithm to take into consideration the level of health I. the calculation of whether or not you pair someone up in Arena.

Overpower full

Unlimited scouts no working 4 me

Pay To Win

The developers of this game don’t care about how people think of the game, they just want money. The gameplay is fine but it costs so much to level up birds, especially 5 star birds. All the birds you get from scout missions and 1 star and maybe 2. They want you to spend diamonds on everything.

Fix the video part of this game

A huge downside to playing this game is the videos. You play the videos and the game freezes and takes you back to your home screen. Leveling up is a pain, you need to spend real money to do so.


This app is soooooo fun! It’s one of my favorite games, alongside angry birds two! Awesome game! Highly recommended!!!

I spend tomuch money

For red 5stars birds and nothing


I was truly loving the game but after the last update (1.16.0)the game attempts to start but then I get a message saying to update, clicked to update and it shows I’ve already updated. So very frustrating! Don’t waste your time downloading.

Poor development - built for money

Avoid at all costs. Roadmap progress actually hurts your ability to play hard and insane levels...meaning lower people can progress further in challenges. Avoid the tower completely. If you get one pig, the cost to bypass it doubles...meaning if you want to achieve a level 70 bird, get ready to drop $100-$200 to get there as there is NO cap on the doubling costs of gems. Equally, you rarely make enough coins to level your birds as the costs go up the higher you go. Poor model for fun play. Spend your time elsewhere...

Oh well

What can I say??? Don’t get me wrong! The game is fun! BUT! Quite annoying as well. It’s that kind of game that eventually traps you to spend money because it builds up to be impossible to move up unless you drop some diamonds. I keep playing and wondering how fair is it that those darn pigs can attack you all at once, but your birds need to wait their turn one st s time. How fair is that? It’s pretty much built to make you lose unless you spent something. And the worst part is... angry birds is too big of a franchise for developers to listen to reviews. Nothing will change. They are in this just to make money and not to listen to players.

Glitches galore

This game is great when it actually works...aside from minimal rewards trying to force you to purchase necessary components of the game to level up without taking months of time. It also locks you out of the game to force an update and can take more than 10 hours to allow access again even after the update is complete. It’s a fun game to have, but I would suggest downloading 2-3 others to actually enjoy while this struggles to function properly.

New update doesn’t work

Latest update 3/8/18 doesn’t load, just redirects to the App Store. Fun game when it works.

Pay to play

It is fun when you play with a Clan, but it’s a money pit. There no other way to put it. And since the Company cut it’s work force and also went through a split there are glitches galore with indifferent Support, incompetent Techs and a lot of Players that are hacking the game that belong to multi clans! These players jump from Clan-to-Clan during events sucking up items. The Techs can’t even handle the hackers. Again it is a really great game which could be amazing if the Company cared, wasn’t always after the god almighty dollar and want player to actually enjoy the ride.

Update 1.16

I have been trying to update this game and am unable to. It says it has been available for one day in Apple/ I tunes store but there is no link to complete the download. Everything else is there. Apple can’t fix it they say it’s a problem on your end. Thanks Roving Birds. Angry birds evolution

I can’t access the app since latest update



This game is fun to play but need a lot of money to advance... i paid for the nfl eggs to hatch more eggs and nothing, just a rip off

Constant bugs!!

Won’t even let me in the game today tells me update available sends me to store and nothing there!! I go from store to game and still nothing changes this is bs! Just like the game freezing after winning and you don’t get the rewards and developers claiming it’s my internet which it’s 100% not especially when everyone in my clan from all over the world having same issues

Won’t load I’ll change review once fixed

Won’t load please fix

Love this game

Though I have found a few glitches, watch a game ad to get scouts but the scout doesn’t show up after watching, it is over all a great game to play. Figuring out strategy to beat opposing teams is fun. Best game I have played in a long time

Fun game BUT...

This is a very entertaining and addictive game, BUT... like most games/apps, it’s all about the in-game addons and how much money you are willing to spend. You can play this game for free but you won’t achieve the benefits of the higher lvls without dropping some major cash. I like the game but beware, it’s like having a drug addiction, and can cost you just as much.

Great Game, but update caused server issue

I just updated the game and now it keeps saying unable to login server. Was having a great time playing, but if this persists, it will no longer be in my list of apps.



Bad update

iPad locks you out of your clan. No fix yet.

Blast but

On arena fights they should give option to pass on a fight without losing trophies. They usually put you against way higher and stronger players

Money pit

It’s almost impossible to get a five star bird unless you dump a ton of money into it. I have spent money and yet still haven’t gotten one. And on top of that they say 24 hour unlimited scouts yet I can’t seem to use them.



Give a little and take a lot

When I first started playing, it was easier to get gems from eagle mtn, that has changed. Now I don’t think eagle mtn is worth the gems you take. We also used to get decent, powered up birds with silver tickets. Now they’re basic low level birds. I just can’t figure out if it’s worth playing this game anymore

Level 90 + 5 competes against Level 63

How does anyone at level 63 stand a chance to win competing against level 90 this is just down and out stupid. After playing the arena this is the most FUBAR game and not thought through game there is. How can a level 60 compete with a level 105 and even have a close chance to win.

Very frustrating

I am trying to enter a clan and every time it says You do not meet the requirements for this feature and I want to change my name and it says the same thing. Other then that there is still one bad thing, when I open the chests it all ways gives me something bad I bought a premium chest and got a 2 star bird 3 times in a row, that’s 10$ wasted just on some terrible birds. The creator should make the birds in the premium chest more valuable.


I still enjoy the game but have become very frustrated. If I’m spending money on golden tickets for goodness sake give me a decent bird. Not worth it to hatch 3 star birds. Something needs to change so a player can grow. Most of us don’t play the story line because the game becomes impossible to play. You guys can fix this...but money seems to be the focus.

Won't even download

Don't waste your time doesn't even download.😡

Good luck getting any bird over 4 stars

This is a fun game, but very frustrating when you spend 17 silver tickets during one event, 10 more in another and 10 more in yet another without getting one 5 star bird. I would have better odds in the lottery.

The age problems

I love it n all but I hate that to use the naming system that you have to be more then 7 I just got this game cmon I on angry bird transformers I can change my name please remove this or I will stop playing this also please remember as the update that change the naming forever if this gets added I beg you

Started off fun

Easy to play and was enjoyable at first. Now after weeks of playing and being in the 40’s level. It seems harder and harder to get the things you need. Getting to the point I must spend money. Time to move on

I’m downloading it 🤓

Wish me luck. After the stoopid update on angry birds go deleteing the tournaments I’m not sure what there gonna do next☹️

This WAS a good game, money pit now.

Rovio has taken what was an incredible game and dropped the quality significantly by getting very VERY greedy. the benefits that were once achievable by persistent, and improved performance by the player are no longer available unless you want to spend money frequently and even then the odds are against you. When I started playing the game several months ago the game was fun and progression was easy so I have built a strong team and spent around $30 or so. Now, with the developers’ greed, new players would likely never make it to even medium level play unless they spend 10x that amount. This game won’t last much longer at this rate. I hope the developers read this and respond but I’m sure they won’t. By the way… they need to recalculate their rating. With so many 1 star ratings there is no way this game is rated 4.4 stars. Oh… By the way, if you contact support, it’s never “their fault or a problem with the game”. They do their best to convince you that all issues are your fault. VERY bad support model IMO.

I am the biggest angry birds fan


Love love this game BUT

I love love love love the game but In the challenge that you play against others is so stupid I had 495 trophies and one day it didn’t load and so I closed it and came back just to see I had 234 trophies because I left for a split second and I have way more powerful birds than others and I still loose I’m this close to getting rid of it. The other thing is I spend 50 gems to have more health and it gives you like 5% more health 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 as much as I love it at the same time I hate it


THIS GAME IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! It's extremely addicting & Rovio stays on top of updates & new events! Every event there's a limited time bird you can hatch!! IT IS NOT A "PAY 2 WIN" LIKE SOME PPL SAY! I'M LEVEL 84 & HAVE A BUNCH OF 5* BIRDS ALL LEVEL 80 & HIGHER! I'VE SPENT MONEY BC I WANTED TO & WANTED TO MAKE THE GAME MORE FUN FOR MYSELF BUT YOU DO NOT NEED TO SPEND A DIME IF YOU DON'T WANT!

Great and cute fun

Fun to play. Crazy birds, with off the wall music. Highly recommended.

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