Angry Birds Evolution App Reviews

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Don't play if you have an iPod

If you want to play get a iPhone because otherwise it's just going to crash😩✌️But thanks for growing up with your fandom I'm pretty sure it was for 5 year olds a long time ago but now it's edgy and would be best with people that are 10+

Awesome game

I love to play this game so much, most of my free time is towards playing this game there are a few this here and there I don’t really like but other then that thank u so much for making this game Angry birds for life!!!


This game is entertaining I finally had a strong set of birds, tried evolving a 5 star level 60 bird and got "critical server error, please relaunch app" when I did that the bird I was evolving is now gone I've spent money on this game and am truly disappointed I haven't received a message back from my ticket i submitted.

Premium eggs

Premium eggs should not expire and disappear if you reach the max number of premium eggs and keep the rest in your messages inbox. If I want to keep premium eggs in my messages inbox until I use them that should be my choice. The berries for extra scouts don't expire if you go over the limit from what I've seen so premium eggs shouldn't either. I just lost over 15 extra premium eggs for no reason that I planned on using for the next event.

Spoiled Birds Games for me

Loved the early games but this one just wants more and more money - you guys have gotten too greedy. And you’ve over complicated the games - you seem to have forgotten who your original players were. I bought them all - even the newer ones but I got games that were no longer fun. I don’t play them anymore. No reply required.

إن اللعبة ممله جداً


Mighty league troubles

First of all, angry birds is a great franchise. I like how there are so many types of games that derived from the original ten years ago. However, the Might League often has freeze-ups. This also happens at the worst times. I’ve lost so many stars due to this and wasted many power-ups.

Read if you have a 5 star

I think the cost of evolving 5 star birds is a little much please Lower it

Nothing compares to Angry Bird

Good job of creating characters and interaction. I just have trouble seeing beyond my love for the standard game.

Angry birds evolved

Best game ever

Doesn’t work

Installed it, but kept looping through the intro cartoon over and over with no way out. Uninstalled! Good bye! (I’m finding that AB apps/games are having more bugs than ever before and keep crashing). Who needs that?!

Constant crashing

Constantly crashing, unable to keep up with the updates, this is too much!!! This game is good but to be spending time waiting for the glitches to be fixed. You must be ridiculously kidding... the glitches are getting annoying..what gives?! Once you pass to a next level it freezes up!!! Will hope for better things

Stuck Game Again

My game is stuck and has been for over two hours. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted my phone and it’s still stuck. There no game support on the website or app itself.

Server issue

My game got stuck and kept saying it was a server issue I did not want to uninstall my game now I lost my diamonds because I wanted to use them. I need Customer service to contact me or reimburse my diamonds

Ripped off

Made it to level 32 in Eagle mountain. Went to cash out got a critical server error and had to restart the app. I lost 500 diamonds and got no rewards. I was up to about 1100 gold and 5 premium hatch tickets. What a crock. Yet another way this developer found to rip people off.....

Money grubbers

SECOND TIME SINCE I STARTED PLAYING I HAVE BEEN SHUT OUT BY A CRITICAL SERVER ERROR. Not starting over this time - deleting it and every this and every other Rovio product. Same issue with several of your games. _________ When if works - Game is nice enough, but the developers constantly and continually restrict those areas where rewards can be gained so that one has to spend for today, that which you did yesterday for free. Set the damned rules and walk away. Also, do not for a moment believe you are playing against people - your completion are bots. This is not necessarily bad - but there are times when the “competition” in the arena will suddenly amass an astounding amount of points inside a 10 minutes window. Finally, I was recently overseas with a less than stellar connection. All my other apps worked - with the exception of this one. It requires a LOT of assets (bandwidth, battery.....) to play.


This game angry awesome you get the joke.

Premium egg

Did not give me free premium egg

Help me...

Im just saying this cause this is the second time its happened to me this day oronedaycause of tommorow i just cant level up my birds i discovered it with my doris i got it from somewhere i forgot but i just need to level up cause level 2000 pigs are beating me and i have 3000 power

Cool, but glitchy

I really like the gameplay of this game along with the cute graphics. However, if you are a free-to-play user like me, expect a lot of bad stuff. Whenever there are chests to open for free if you watch some ad, I get repeatedly booted out of the app before I can fully watch the video and claim the reward. Today, I was able to fully watch the same video three times, but the app kept stopping me from opening the chest. Another problem is that overall, the server for this game is worse than any of the other games that I have ever played on my iPad 4. Along with that, this is the ONLY GAME EVER that repeatedly and randomly boots me out for no reason.

Don't waste your money

It was fun for awhile. However, to advance one must spend a lot of money. Today, I premium hatched 41 times in a row and never got a 5 star bird. I am at 10 x the chance. Yeah! I spent all my maxed hatch tickets and all of my diamonds for fodder to sell, most aren't even worth enough to level up. Good time waster. Don't waste your money as it will cost a lot to advance

Fun, but could be so much better

This game has the potential to be an over the top 5 star plus game. It’s fun and addictive. There are many events that keeps the game interesting. Events seem to run in two veins. Normal events that run for a few days and a newer special event system. The first of these special events was deeply flawed. And Rovio has done a good job correcting many of those flaws. But it’s still a bit problematic. Unless you’ve been lucky enough to get just the right birds, your ability to progress through the challenges is limited. An active player will play through most of the challenges they can win within the first day or two. After that, they are left using quick play in a rather tedious fashion for the remainder of the event, which seems to be more than a week. Rovio could vastly improve this by resetting challenges daily with new and different rewards to keep things interesting. However, the way things are set up now, the final rewards feel unobtainable and ultimately like a cash grab. One special offer was for $99 to get bonus supplies. Go get those whales Rovio!

All the stars money can buy

It’s a great funky app, plagued by server issues and investor goals. Every update brings improvements, and the bird personalities are hilarious. But, it’s an adults only games because of it’s cost. There are no free lunches in bacon berg. Oh, and by the way, Rovio needs to tighten up naming standards - some player names verge on pornographic.

Didn't even start😡

That was stupid. It said it was for iOS 9.0 or later and for iPad, iPod, and iPhone. I have an iPad mini, and iOS 9.2.4. But it said it wasn't compatible. Please make all devices iOS 9.0 and up compatible, or at least say some devices are not compatible. Please :,-(

Cannot connect to Server???!!!!!!

The game is good and worth playing! But that doesn’t matter because you can’t even connect to Server so how can you play??? Fix this please!!!


I really with in AB EVOLUTIONS that we would be able to rplay lvls to get stronger so it wont be that easy to get stuck in a lvl

In China for summer

It’s 10:47 AM here and it’s not working


Spent monies on this event as I’ve done before. I went to retrieve my free 2/10X and my 500 energy only to see that it’s gone and now you want me to spend more monies.

Very great game!

This game is a very kid friendly game and is a good game for kids 9 and up the game allows people to evolve their birds into stronger versions of the birds. My overall thought of this game is 5⭐️s

It's not supported for my device

I have a iPad 2 and the game is not compatible

Good time killer

Takes forever but it’s fun 🤟🏿🤟🏿🤟🏿🤟🏿🤠🤠🤠😜😜😜

Suggestions to Rovio:

Angry Birds Evolution is a great game! Here are my suggestions for improvements: Place an Edit Team button on the arena screen, as there is on scout / event missions, and the daily challenge. In the hatching area, separate regular hatching by the brown tickets and pink friendship gems, so that players don’t have to hatch tickets when their friendship gems are maxed out, and vice versa, like the way the silver and gold ticket hatches are separate in the premium hatching area. This would be nice, because it seems that hatching 25x brown tickets or 15x friendship hatches (750 pink gems) is more likely to give totems. Allow players to create and save various teams, like an arena team, daily challenge teams for different colored days, and special event teams tailored to body style or color “buffing”, for easy switching. Allow players to specify the left to right order of birds on dungeon teams (and see the order displayed) as they do for their main team. (Certain birds super shots work better from the center spot, for example...) Send all extra scout berries and arena tickets to the inbox, and allow us to sell them, instead of having them disappear or giving us constant notices about being over on resources. Allow us to organize birds in the inbox by color and/or stars, to more quickly decide which to claim or sell. Display the number of dungeon keys we have on the inventory page, (next to the evo) and also on the arena page. Show birds included in current team somewhere on screen when on the island map, on the arena page, or on a scouting mission launch page. Upgrade chat to save messages longer, allow replies and threaded comments on messages, and allow editing of messages. Allow team leaders to see a member list organized by player levels, team powers, XP contributions, arena trophies, daily challenge scores, and event scores. In the daily challenge, instead of choosing a color bird to favor and colored evo prize to repeat on Saturday and Sunday, on Saturday, replace the 150 evo with gold (1000?), and on Sunday, replace the 150 evo with dungeon keys (10 or 15). Increase the maximum evolution essence that can be stored from 200 to 500, or even 1000... Fix the glitch that randomly deselects birds from dungeon teams. Thanks!


More critical server errors again. And only way to play is to spend $$$


Hey I just wanted him

Love it!

It’s so awesome

It’s good you just need to change some things

I like the game it’s just in the story missions it’s just really hard to go 3 levels without needing scouts to go out and find pigs for collecting random objects also would be cool if you could just buy the event character of the bat

Pay or get used to losing

This game started off being fun but the longer you play the more impossible it becomes you either have to pay or you won't win. My advice to the developers either make the game fair or charge people up front for the game. $50-$100 for gems is ridiculous. When I open the game there are messages for me to receive gems but every time I claim them they don't show up in my gems count. Really disappointing because I've lost hundreds of gems because of this.


I really enjoy playing the game. This latest update claims to have made many improvements that I unfortunately am not seeing! One is the inventory increase to 100, so I’ve already Paid to increase to 90. Now the update claims that I should have 100 but not true! Yes I will agree it is definitely a pay to play game! I still enjoy it, even with the glitches!!!

I ❤️ angry birds evolution

It’s so fun the characters are so cool and I play it every day if it wasn’t made I would freak out

Daily challenge

Daily challenge had bug in it. Crashing 2 times in 3 days after update

Best game ever

I love this game it takes a long time to complete and I like that it isn’t a like a 10 day finish thing Keep updating plz😀😀😀😀😀😀🙂😉🙂🙂🙂🙂

Angry birds review

The game keeps telling me that it has lost connection and won’t allow me to play is that just mine or is a new update needed? But other than that it’s a cool game


I love this game...But it lags horribly and you have to reboot it several times to get it to play. The developers have made sure you have to spend money to advance, yet I keep playing hoping one dat to get a 5 star bird but it never happens. I have spent approximately 50 bucks on this game and still no 5 star....come on guys do you really need to be that greedy?


Your updates are always a problem and your server problems are irritating. The game is fun, but not sure if it is worth the trouble. Wish I could by pass the updates but it won’t let me.

Awesome and Addictive and Tons of Fun

This game is soooo much fun to play in your downtime I would of gave it 10stars if allowed and if it did not cost so much to evoke and keep up with other players so you at least have a chance to win in battles. There are also a couple of 5 star birds that are impossible to win against due to there ability to completely clear the board on their first turn. My birds abilities do not work until the third round. I really do not understand why some birds can activate at beginning of the battle. They have recently changed eagle mountain. And not for the better. You used to be able to gain great prizes there. But now that is just a no go. But if you do have any problems or complaints. The developers of this app respond to you right away. If it is something that was their fault they will make it right. There are a couple different forum on this game where you are able to talk to others that too are addicted and get lots of hints and help. Plus a Facebook page. Worthy of giving it a try. You may find it very enjoyable.

My Absolute Fav Game

This game is worth any dollar I spend on it. Why? Because quality graphics, entertaining gameplay and events, back-end programming and all the other programming details and delivery cost. Servers and equipment and people cost. As a test I always see how far i can go before I spend money. So far in my gameplay, I’m at lvl 20, I’ve beaten 3 dungeons and lost at 1. I’m ranked 2nd bronze in oinktagon (not great, but I’m not that good). There are opportunities to watch videos for needed supplies: revive a scout, special chests to get gold and gems. Once you’re able to fight at insane level, do it. You’ll have lots and lots of gold coins. Join a clan. Clans are really beneficial! I know there are greedy developers, but I really do not feel this game is being THAT greedy.

Angry birds evolution

I like the game however there are plenty of issues, you better save your white tickets and gold tickets since it costs every ticket you get to win an event bird, plus if you miss the event it will be a very long time before they offer the bird again! ie captain America was offered last July and thus the only other time he was offered is this July one year later! Mostly, you can’t get an event bird without spending money. Unless you plan on playing everyday like I have for over a year and still can’t get Birds like Annie, Miffy, Captain America and more! So, I would recommend bring your wallet and lots of patience due to frequent updates interrupting your play time! This used to be a fun game

Senseless money grab

This game is like so many others. You can start, they hope to hook you with the same tired gameplay till you have to pay. Free players, don’t bother unless you wanna wait till you can play again. The next day. This is a casual game that you can’t take anywhere with peers unless you pay to play. If you wanna play competitive, your gonna pay. End story. Ive never minded paying. But this game never gave me the gumption, and the in your face nature of how you can’t play till you pay reminds me of ea’s early attempts at cashing in and how it screwed them. (Hello dk) don’t ruin a good franchise. Many did it before. I’m prognosticating the road before you.

5* as promised

Thank you for your kind response, I appreciate your work done. I revised my rating from 1 to 5 stars. Keep up the good work.

Love Game

It could have been 5 stars but it moves really slow and it crashes all the time. Other then that I like the game.

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