Angry Birds Evolution App Reviews

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Continual crashing

This past week after the videos for hatching are over it crashes. Also, games are now impossible to win even when the bird rankings are twice as high


Don’t be fooled by this Cash Grab by Rovio.

AB evelotion

Is the best game I ever had


Graphics and gameplay aside this game is a let down. It’s ridiculous that there are 1-3 Star birds in the premium ticket pool. During this most recent Halloween event I actually spent and wasted money trying to get the special Eddie bird but ever only got the same 4-5 low level birds.

I love this game!

This game is sooooooo awesome! I make YouTube videos about it. Thank you Rovio!

Glitchy, glitchy, glitchy

You all really need to get the glitches figured out where the game stalls at the end of a battle. You work hard saving up the dumb keys to do the dungeons and waste the berries for the scouts just for the big prize battles to freeze and give you NOTHING afterwards because you have to close the app. So I don’t get the reward but the game sure takes away the key, scout, battle, gems used, etc. total bogus. Also would it really kill your profit margin to increase the drop rates on 4 and 5 Star birds? I’m well well into the game and have only gotten one 4 is enough of a cash grab as it is you could at least throw the players a bone now and again.

WAS awesome

When I first downloaded this game I loved it. Many same aspects of my fav mobile game, summoners war. I even started and lead a clan now. I have to say though, I went from having 2 chances per day in the daily challenge to only 1 AND I can't get past the first couple waves, ever. The game has progressed into everything just being the smallest amount too hard to beat. I am losing literally everything by just a couple of hits. So I thought, I'll just level up my birds a bit more and then I'll be able to beat them. No, the levels just get harder as you raise your birds levels. Seriously, this is stupid not being able to beat any of the scouts anymore. I've literally contributed 15 event points to my guild this round because of it. Oh, and it has connection errors constantly. And apparently we got the Halloween event twice, in the middle of November. Not sure if that's a glitch or what. Rovio broke their game. Don't bother unless they fix it.

Deleting this

Accidentally came across AB Evo when typing Iron Maiden in the search engine. I downloaded the app, & started watching videos on YouTube on how to get Eddie and notice most don’t get Eddie right away but after using several premium tickets. I’m deleting this app now before I end up spending a dollar... playing the game gives me a feel of it wanting my money so I’m stopping now before I go further. By the way got as far as level 9 :/


Only play this game if you plan on spending real $ money

fun time waster

update: videos that im forced to watch crash the app 75% of the time so i cant unlock chests neat concept that hybridizes classic angry birds with AB epic. like many AB games, its a pain to progress due to developer-imposed limitations that make you either wait for energy to reload or spend $$ on the game. edit to add: waaaay too many server issue


11/15 edit: stupid frickin game! Every time i try to watch a video to earn an extra scout or turn in the arena the game crashes and i not only don’t get the bonus but i lose the ability to try for it! Please fix!!! 10/5 edit: Lowering rating again because the current event is slanted to prevent collecting event coins. One battle i got zero, several got only 20... not to mention opening markers to only find a lopsided PVP battle instead of with a pig battle. Meanwhile the people I'm up against are racking up hundreds of points in the same time period. So it would seem the game is biased. Maybe because I always do really well in the events it's making it harder? All I know is that I'm not gonna put up with all the other crap in this game if it's rigged. 9/15 edit: Twice this morning when I accept a pvp battle in the event, it starts to load the battle then goes back to the screen to accept it (where it shows your opponent) and then freezes so i have to reload the app, after which the battle banner is gone. Seems to happen mostly when you are accepting a hard battle (as most of them are, which I also think is really nasty). There is also something so wrong about opening an event marker to find no pig battles just a pvp banner for a battle where the opponent has 4-5 thousand more bird strength than you do. There's no point in bothering to try. I throw away more pvps than i ever get to play! Original review: Even though I have learned how to "work the game" and get myself to where I can win insane battles consistently, I don't always get credited for them. And WTH?!? In the arena the most I've ever won is 26 trophies and just now I lost a battle and they took away FIFTY-NINE TROPHIES!!! Are you kidding me?!? What kind of nonsense is that?!?

Nothing but a cash grab

I tried to enjoy this game for a while but it’s obvious they put micro transactions over enjoyment. I wish I could give a negative score. Pass on this game and shame on the developers.

Greed kills

I’m coming to an end with this game. It’s nothing but a money sucker. all of the levels are almost impossible to beat especially the story line pigs they are just way too hard to defeat and the TNT pig is basically a cheat. Also we should be able to have revolving or more scouts. This game is pretty worthless after a while. I’ve been progressing and it feels like I’ve gotten no where. The tournaments are way too hard and the entire game is a scam. They just want money. This game is almost impossible to enjoy with all the hard battles that are impossible to beat. And you can collect as many premium tickets as possible and still won’t get any birds that are strong enough to defeat the hard or insane battles let alone the arena. PIGS ARE WAY TOO STRONG! IM ABOUT TO BE DONE WITH THIS GAME FOR GOOD. Its just not worthy of enjoying anymore. ✌🏽

Awesome game. Super addictive

Love the game and have been playing it for a while now, but the game ALWAYS freezes when I finish a battle, win or lose. This bug makes me want to quit playing just because of the annoyance.

Not fair

IF YOU DOWNLOAD THE GAME AFTER OCTOBER 2nd YOU DO NOT GET TO PARTICIPATE IN MAJOR PECKER'S CHALLENGE- The "best" part of the game! I downloaded this app and really enjoyed it at first. I spent some $ on a "discounted pack" to get some birds up front from the gold eggs. I didn't mind doing this because I thought the game seemed really fun at first. Boy, did Rovio trick me! I opened 5 golden eggs and all were 2 or 3 star birds. It's obvious now that you have to spend a lot of money to get anywhere in this game. I spent $8 and it has done nothing to help, and Rovio just wants more. It's apparent the game is rigged. I thought that by getting some good birds up front, I would be able to play the matches on "hard" and get through more quickly and earn more rewards. WRONG! Rovio rigged it so that even with higher level birds from the start, I could barely compete on normal! Also, the match making in the Arena is so off. The algorithm must not want players to win more than 2 games in a row because after that it will match you against an impossible to beat opponent! I had high hopes at the beginning but now I'm upset that I even bothered with this game. I should've read the reviews before downloading! Big mistake!

This WAS a good game, money pit now.

Rovio has taken what was an incredible game and dropped the quality significantly by getting very VERY greedy. the benefits that were once achievable by persistent, and improved, performance by the player are no longer available unless you want to spend money frequently and even then the odds are against you. When I started playing the game several months ago the game was fun and progression was easy so I have built a strong team and spent around $30 or so. Now, with the developers’ greed, new players would likely never make it to even medium level play unless they spend 10x that amount. This game won’t last much longer at this rate. I hope the developers read this and respond but I’m sure they won’t. By the way… they need to recalculate their rating. With so many 1 star ratings there is no way this game is rated 4.4 stars.

My Answers to one stars

This game is rigged, I can’t get Premium Eggs almost at all. Those give me like 2 or 3 stars. Gee, I’m very sorry that it is difficult to get op birds. Next time they should give you a card for one for 50 gems. That way, you will be better than the best AbE player in the world. You need to pay to get anywhere. I have not payed anything and I am a decent player. 5 star, 4 star, bronze 2 star (Greg is awesome,) and two 3 stars. There are SO many loading problems. That is your device. No one else really says that, and on mine, it,’s pretty decent. I cannot defeat scouts, and they are super expensive. Bro I have tons of energy berries that I don’t even use and they are pretty easy, I find. You are bad at this game. Rovio is not wrong. Also a lot of these people have spelling errors. Robin and rovio. How do you even mess that up?

Fix your game already

Can you guys please fix the birds and massive amount of bugs already? There’s always updates for angry birds pop but it’s like no one cares to maintain this one which is way better. **update: So still no fix for anything? Geraldine’s super shot which is supposed to give all pigs damage when you hit a fan or kill a pig only works when hitting a fan. Eddies soul sacrifice is completely broken. It is supposed to pull the pigs under never to be seen again, but all it does it pull them together and then blast them apart causing no damage. Billies super shot which gives a big power up only works 4/10 times. This is what we get for spending our time and money? I’m not one to complain, but this is ridiculous. Good rewards are few and far between, daily challenge is broken, only allows up to wave 7 and stops. How many people have to complain before things are fixed? This game is a good game, just get it playing how it’s supposed to be PLEASEEEEEEE.

Let’s be clear...

... I am a huge Angry Birds fan and have invested heavily in every version of Angry Birds. I love the Iron Maiden theme. I really enjoy the game. With that said, we have some serious problems with this game: 1. Variety of birds. Good night, when I get the same bird three or four times in the same hatch on a 10-hatch ticket, especially after I paid for the ticket, I am ready to throw down the game in serious frustration. Stop giving me the same 15 or 20 birds. 2. I understand that the higher you advance the birds, the storyline gets increasingly more difficult. This is logical and I am okay with the challenge. Please give us the option to buy more scouts or win more scouts through advanced level play. I have gone full days in game play and not been able to advance my birds because the scouts are limited and the ability to play the Hard and Insane options are unavailable due to limited team power. If the objective is too power up the birds, give us the ability to power up and play the game. 3. Why have the dungeons remained easy, but the scout levels have not? On the same lines as #2, why are the hard and insane levels in the dungeons dependent upon great team power, but getting the team upgraded is taking so sticking long. For the love of the game, fix the team power up logic that is keeping people from powering up the birds to get the coveted higher rewards. 4. Finally, Eagle Mountain is absolutely broke. The gifts behind the door are of limited use and the stinking thief pig is everywhere, forcing you to invest real world money to buy gems to advance floors. Reconfigure Eagle Mountain! 5. Since I have invested real money in trying to get different birds than the same monotonous cycle, I have filled to capacity MAX the colored upgrade tokens, why can I not either expand this as I expand the nest, or better still, use these tokens to purchase upgrade liquids that I seem to ALWAYS be short of, when I finally get a bird past 60. Enough of the madness already, make a store beside Eagle Mountain where we can purchase tickets, oils, etc. or make the logic in game play easier to obtain the needed items to power up the bird on your team. Thank you for making a really good game. Please listen to the paying public, help us power up our teams to continue play.

Going Downhill

This game started as a fun and edgy combination of Angry Birds and Pokémon. As the updates occurred, the game got harder, expensive, and basically no fun. The most recent event was such a bust - long, costly, and frustrating - I like to get the special birds as much as anyone. However, with a 14x multiplier, I “hatched” 40 eggs without results. Developers, your recent reviews are much like mine, and your 4 stars are going to age down. Like us, you’re going to be sitting with a bunch of 3 Star birds in an Arena full of 5 star opponents. Time to make a change.

Bored of this game, after two weeks.

It’s the same fights, over and over. It’s also hard as hell to get premium characters and level up your basic characters, unless if you are willing to fork out some money.

Hands in your pockets 100%

Money hungry and truly sad that rovio has started down this path. Mass writing programs to flood the market by hacking other apps’ ideas yet failing. Unless you pay you’ll never progress in the game, especially when the game has sparing battles that sets you against FAR advanced players without a single word of how to play. If you have a question for the dev ask away, but don’t expect an answer. What you will expect is your original question to disappear and an option to buy into a monthly subscription for a low-low price of 24.99. Rip off.... EDIT: I FORGOT I ALREADY RATED THIS RIP OFF!! Hahahahaha I’ve sent MULTIPLE simple questions since there is NO explanation of how or what to do. Never once have they responded! When searching online for Rovio’s website to voice complaints of poor customer service; rovio only list emails how to send to (non)support for each game of their scams. I mean games...guess Apple going to receive each of my messages to rovio. Perhaps they’ll forward them since I refuse to pay to play and seems only paying players are Allowed to ask and receive answers. Even to a question as such: How or where am I able to claim achievements once an alert pops up proclaiming I’ve got awards to gather? Not real question, cause that’s the easiest part to figure out. What’s messed up is unless you spending 25$ a month for subscription to get better fighters, PLUS random purchases since beginners will ALWAYS be killed by big spenders who have 20,000 strength vs beginner’s 900-1000 strength. Unless you buy big birds or gems or gold coins CONSTANTLY you will always loose! Scam ripoff and let me tell other game developers...rovio is stealing all of your games’ ideas/basic game structures/WHO NEEDS ANOTHER COLOR MATCHING GAME for Christ’s sake?? Hahahahahaha



Crashes a lot

Worst game ever. Crashes at the end of the fight and you don't get credit or loot.

Used to be a good app

Dr Probotnik’s mind control doesn’t work on Donkey Kong pig. This cash grab of a game wouldn’t be so infuriating if the game weren’t so full of bugs.


This is the best angry birds I've payed yet.


What a joke


When I first started playing, when it was was more "fair", I would constantly be prompted, in game, to provide a review. Now that the game has been updated repeatedly to be more and more stingy, I never get prompted to write a review. Is ROVIO gaming the system? Sure seems that way. Build up a good rating and let it slowly whittle down, then loosen things back up to get the rating back up. Savvy, yes. Fun, no!!


I used to be able to play this pretty regularly but now it crashes at the end of battles, at least one a day if not more. And the crashes are all over. Just freeze screen and that’s it. Then I don’t receive the rewards at the end of the battle.

It quits downloading in the middle 2

This game is trash I deleted it

First Aid Kit

I spent 500 coins to activate the First Aid Kit air-drop, and I get none. Why? Also Bird Mountain is virtually impossible. I’m not giving you another dime until you fix your game. There is no way this game could be rated as highly as it is. Something is fishy here. Have you had a couple thousand employees write positive reviews to improve your ratings? That is the only way you could have a decent review of this game. You’re doing something really dirty/illegal. I continuously have to give up battles because they are purposefully designed to be too difficult.

Money pit- They want you to spend money

Another update November 8 I had 30 regular hatches and 90% were one star. I then had 5 times chance to get the premium bird and used 12 premium hatches I received all 2 star and only 2 three star ! Come on ! This an update about the game . Monday I had a free premium hatch and I accidentally hit the button for 10 premium hatches. I only got one 4 star bird,three 3 star, two 2 star and the rest one star ! What a waste . This just confirms that you will never get any worth while birds with a premium hatch. I have gotten one 4 star and regular hatch I only get 1 or 2 stars. Now for my original review. 6 times writing but never get any worth while levels of birds even with premium hatch What happened to having a game where everyone gets a fair chance and not people who spend money . Hopefully will find a game that gives you a good chance of winning without spending money


Rovio should be reported to the IRS, FCC, BBB & any other agency necessary to make them stop taking so much money from players, (who get little in return for their investment)! They CONSTANTLY force you to “level up” your birds, then the second you do, they increase the strength of your opponent so you rarely win....unless you “level up” your birds AGAIN! This greedy, vicious cycle continues until you run out of the overpriced gems you have to buy, so you keep being forced to go to “the store” to buy more!!! Occasionally they’ll throw you a bone, (like cheap-o 1-star birds), but they are worthless because you can only use them to sell, (& get almost nothing for them), or use them to level up stronger birds, (3, 4, & The rarely-acquired 5-star Birds)! All these upgrades cost “coins”, & they’re also very stingy & unfair with them, too...when the coins run out, (which is VERY often, because they make you use gems AND coins for upgrades & their constant “nag screens” to “level up” & “Evolve” your birds, (“Evolving” is even MORE costly than just “level-ups”),’re off to the store to buy even more gems! Before you realize it you’ve been conned out of LOTS OF REAL DOLLARS, & this is exactly where they want their players to be...feeling like losers who will succeed the next time, but only if they “level-up” or “evolve” their birds! But watch out for their soon as you spend MORE MONEY to make your team’s birds stronger, they instantly raise the strength of the bird team you’ll fight next, so you NEVER get that sense of’re ALWAYS stressed-out because you rarely get to feel like a “winner” least not for very matter how “evolved” your birds are, no matter how much money you’ve spent!!! ROVIO-CHIMERA IS GREEDY, & they don’t care if you go broke playing their games...ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR MONEY...ALL OF IT!!! Games are NOT fun when you’re constantly being frustrated because you can NEVER stay ahead! Rovio is well-known for their disgusting greed, (play any of their games for a while & you’ll be broke, too)! ALL “Angry Bird” games are the same...all they want is as much of the player’s money, (or their parents’ money), that they can get....they don’t care about all the bad reviews, the unhappy players, or the credit card bills that are incurred because of their greed. I wish they’d remember that the players are NOT as rich as they are, & we never will be if we keep playing their greedy games! Players deserve to be respected & rewarded for making THEM filthy rich....constantly striving to overpower an opponent is NOT FUN, & it’s NOT HEALTHY! Rovio needs to put players’s needs first for a change....after all, the players are responsible for making Rovio rich in the first place, so a little bit of fairness, generosity, appreciation & giving players their money’s worth! Rovio is making more enemies than friends because of greed...I hope they wake up before everyone leaves them for games that are fun, challenging, & don’t put players in the Poor House by forcing exorbitantly high purchases of gems or coins in order to play, especially when their rewards to the players are practically nothing. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME UNLESS YOU HAVE AN ENDLESS SUPPLY OF MONEY...LOTS OF IT!!!!

Pay to win

Yet another pay to win game, it was a fantastic concept but like all mobile games, they are slow and impossible to get far without real cash. The angry birds creators make all of there free games extra hard to force you to pay money. You would think since they become millionaires multiple times over with there first game they would give us a break. But no this is pure greed at its finest. Greedy greedy greed. We need a game developer to save this cancer mobile platform


Update the game already!!! It keeps freezing

Crashes constantly

Enjoying the concept of the game. Don't like the crashes when trying to watch a video for a free egg. Not just one crash but every single time. It has also started to crash right in the middle of battle. I am now done with the game.

Me encanta

Ojalá bajaran los precios de las gemas. Es un juego súper divertido lo adoro

Don’t pay for jewels in this game ever

Unless you are willing to lose $ all the time to try and get good birds. You will rarely get them. Even with a good 7x multiplier you still don’t have good odds to get birds. If you pay any money it will have been wasted, trust me I did and I hate this game because. Don’t waste your time or money.

I like this one best

It fun and challenging

Ridiculous wait times if you dont pay

After getting far enough in the game youll find yourself having to wait an hour or more to even play for another 5-10 min unless you spend money.

I’m addicted

It’s so $@$” fun

One problem

I love the game but there is one problem. All I have is a full team of 3 stars. I have yet to get a 4 or 5 star bird. I wish that I had enough gems too because I’m saving up. I have 23 gems and I only spent them once. Did I mention that I’m at the black bird area? Well I am. I hope the developers can either give me gems, enough to get the 10 special eggs, or a 5 star bird.

An LSU Tiger Fan

Just good family fun...

Worthless Cash Grab

Don’t waste your time or money. The other people rating this game are correct. Play a game where the developers don’t arbitrarily make it more difficult in a pathetic attempt to squeeze money out of you.

Good game and it does not get old


Crashes at end of battles

Has started crashing at the end of battles.

Fun, but I want clans

I am really bummed that I can’t do clans just because I am under 13. It is not like I am going to do something stupid on it. On Battle bay one of your other games I don’t have to be thirteen to be in a clan then why should I have to be thirteen to be in a clan for this one

Glitchy. Money Hungry.

I don’t mind spending a little money on the Rovio games as I like the different iterations of Angry Birds. However, this one is particularly frustrating. It glitches frequently after you spend gems/coins that you bought with cash. DO NOT INSTALL. It is fun to play, but tedious without cash. However, once spent the game infuriates.


Good good good

App keeps freezing

Every time I try to load a mission the games freezes, the music keeps playing in the background, but the mission will not load. I’ve had to do this at least 4 times. I love the game, but I’ll delete it if keeps freezing.

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