Angry Birds Evolution App Reviews

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This Game Is Amazing!

I really like the details and effort that was put into this astounding game! 😁😄😁👍👍👍


So good

They finally patched it! 😃

Thank you Rovio! You finally patched it! Now the salt quest is possible now I have a better review now!but I am still experiencing quest difficulty 😪 Pros:great storyline/some cool birds/scouts are a good feature Cons:some very ugly birds/very bad content/long scout reload time/a cash grab game/most of the time my game freezes/literally impossible to get a 5-Star bird/some really hard quests/eagle mountain is rigged/sometimes money purchases don’t give you the items (cash grab)/ugly scouts

Rovio cheats

This game has gotten bad. Players learn how to earn gold and gems with the birds the game gives to get ahead in the game. Then Rovio decided we are winning too many gems and gold by playing by their own rules so they steal back gems and gold from players. I have seen twice that according to the game I have won 94 gems but then the game only pays out 64 gems once and then only 52 gems the second time. Now Rovio calls this cheating! We are playing the game as it was intended to be played! There customer service used to be pretty good but now they ignore support tickets or for some players delete them without any response! In my opinion they are stealing from the players! If you play this game just 7be aware and don’t spend any real money on this game. Trouble tickets sit for weeks then when they do answer it is is a copy past and says nothing! They ask if it is still an issue! Rovio is not for fair play at all! They have stacked the deck in Rocio’s favor there customer service is the worst I have ever seen now! Then I get a response from game developers that goes: Thank you for sharing your very candid feedback with us, jinkerly. We are constantly iterating on Angry Birds: Evolution, in order to ensure a fair, challenging and rewarding experience for all players. If you have any concern regarding in-game rewards, please do not hesitate to reach out to our highly skilled and experienced Player Support Team. They will be more than glad to resolve your issue, so that you may get back to enjoying the game! We hope to see you in our ongoing Red Excavation Event!" This response is a joke! They. Must never have experienced the game as an end user, like the rest of us.fair? Not fair at all!


This is a really fun game but it’s changed drastically in the past month. They keep changing things for the worse. Eagle Mountain used to be a way to get a chance to get a good bird, now it’s AWFUL!!! I literally got the pig on the second door THREE days in a row,,, seriously three, cmon that’s a joke. Also it used to just cost coins to re enter but now they charge diamonds. Why would I spend diamonds to get the pig on the second door every time? One more reason for the 1 star, their support just may be the worst I’ve ever come across for any game on any platform. No matter what message you send them you get some generic response that has nothing to do with your question and it takes three days just for that. Now I can get past all the server errors and minor bugs but for the reasons I’ve stated I’d steer clear of this game. Update: just played eagle mountain again, got the pig on the second floor, paid the 20 diamonds to continue and got the pig on the very next door. Clearly you don’t listen to your customers and your response to me was complete BS just like your support!

Too many server issues

Would be fun if you could actually play it but the constant server issues made me delete it again

Fun but bad servers

Connection issues constantly I cannot play at all. I just downloaded the game and it’s already giving me issues. I googled and other people are having the same and it’s still not fixed. I actually love the game a lot but as of now it’s a 2 star experience.

Took Angry Birds to a new level of fun.

It’s a blast.


This game really is fun, but the server issues are annoying. Im constantly reloading the game. Fix this please!! And I would gladly give the stars this game deserves. 😐


This game is very entertaining, am never bored with it. I JUST LOVE IT. ITS AWSOME. I RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYBODY.

just 1 star because there server

good game with horrible server always having a server problem with 4G internet

Great... but BUGGY

I love the game, but I despise the issues. I understand that there no such thing as perfect but geesh... Critical errors, lost diamonds, lost tickets, lost rewards... AND these PVP battles should be determined by level not trophies!

Please read

Ok so this game is extremely fun I love it it is addictive buttttttttttttt........ there is a problem I logged in to Facebook by mistake in diffrent account and it drove me nuts this account I rock but I want to be able to play by friends without bringing iPad BUT I CANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Change that ability and it will be 5 stars

I didn't play it but what I heard... it's bad💩💩


Updation situation

Every time I try to update this stupid game, even if I’m connected to the internet, it still shows that etiotic sign. 👎🏻. Now l’m thinking “who would like this game .”

If you like to lose

When you play against other people. the game pair you up with people there are a lot stronger than you. you have no chance unless you spend a lot of money or stay on the game for a long time.

An angry birds game I can have fun with for hours

I love this game I was really into it for people who are young and like angry bird games it’s really fun and different

Best game I ever played

Awesomest game in the world

On the fence...

This game has everything it needs to be awesome. The graphics are fantastic, new birds & old favorites have clever skills, and it's just a fun game......when it's willing to let you play it!!! I was so frustrated at being shut off due to "unable to connect to server" I finally just deleted it. I'd rather go back to AB Space or AB Star Wars.

Talk about not fair

I’ve been playing this game for a while. The PVP battles are totally one sided. The damage is never the same and when you cause damage to the other team nothing happens. They game intentionally make you lose. You can keep all the pigs off your side but you still die, and if you kill the pigs you still die because nothing happens to the other player. Then comes the events: no boss battles which equals no good way to earn premium hatch coupons, and the bird grants are almost nonexistent. I spent 50 hatch coupons I had saved up including 2 x10 hatches spent 1350 gems for another x10 hatch and nothing but 2 and 3 stars and the 4 stars I was guaranteed. The servers are horrible you are constantly getting kicked out of the game in the middle of eagle mountain, major peckers, or a PVP battle and you automatically lose! You lose gems, birds, coins, essence, and berries! There is no real way to earn gems anymore because they keep changing everything all the time but never fix the problems. You can’t get used to playing a game of even get better at it if it constantly keeps changing. Before you think about coming up with new events why don’t you try fixing the problems with the game. Everyone should have a fighting chance and the same things, not just if you spend $100 a month!

Connection Issues - Unplayable

Loved it! But now there are constant connection issues and I can’t play the game. The developer says the issue is fixed but it’s not even close. Still the same issue, still unplayable.

$$$$ BAD, buggy and a bit of a let down

Let me start by saying that this may look like a game for kids but it really isn’t. Initially I was thrilled with this game. Somehow over the course of the 20 months that I played they over charged me for in app purchases by a little over 300$. They also frequently lost my accounts (one was tied to fb and the other Game Center). A few of the times they lost my accounts it took them longer than 7 days to reinstate them. Please note that this very much is a pay to play game. There are many many bugs that they simply refuse to address. One of which is in The Eagle Tower. The Eagle Tower is the place to gamble customer purchased diamonds. They have been a few times where I have gotten to a floor and simply exited to avoid spend more diamonds and the game glitched so I did not receive my prizes. When I reached out to the game support and the guy was a bit rude and told me it was my fault and then they lost my accounts for the last time because I deleted the app.

Critical server error.

Critical server error is back again in full swing. Lost lots of gems and lost pvp battles because of it. Update: Issues have been fixed and so far not a single server error, not even single connection problem. Not to jinx it “Knock on wood”. Good job!


Need more silver tickets, and to be able to send friends birds

Poor service

The game constantly froze so I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. I lost all of my progress and have been asking for help for over a week without any response.

Angry birds evolution

Game keeps changing so you can’t get ahead without buying from the store. Starts out ok but it doesn’t last long. Constantly changing rules and aiming lines are not accurate.

Release at the same time!

It’s irritating when you release an update for Android at a different time than you do for iOS. I enjoy the game and play it frequently, but I get tired of hearing members of my clan talking about improvements that I can’t see because you haven’t released the update for iOS yet. Edited to reply: I’m sorry, but that’s a lie. It took a full 72 hours, at least, for iOS to receive the same update as Android. And it’s happened before. Several times. I know because I have an iPad and an Android phone on which I play this game.


I love this game but it’s really hard to level up 4 and 5 star birds and I just wish it was easier to move up In the game I’ve spent real money on this game

So sexy



I may spoken too soon and now I take back the misery. This is the best.

Fun game

Fun to play but keeps crashing after the new update. It’s also running very slow no matter what the signal strength is or WiFi.

Angry birds evolution

This game used to have lots of rewards to keep you going, but over the year it has become more about getting your money; with each new update this company demands you spend your cash or just barely get by with very little rewards. It is not uncommon to see fellow teammates spend 100.00 and get nothing in return... just a cash and grab game. The company doesn’t reimburse any of the resources you loose due to critical errors that continually occur. Also, when you do submit them your problems they insert a generic message forwarding you to their Facebook page! Really “SWEET “

Reboot mania ...😒

I've been playing this game for quite some time now and have had a lot of fun with it. Lately I've spend more time restarting the app after a battle or two than actually playing. It's quite frustrating! I used to be able to play until my thumbs bled but now it's just more of a hassle than anything. If they don't come up with a fix soon I guess I'll spend my spare time and MONEY elsewhere! Update... They replied to my review saying they have been working around the clock to fix the issue and it has been resolved. Well, I beg to differ. If anything it's gotten worse!

What happened

I can’t even get to the playing field. I just keep getting lost signal and reload. No fun for me

Why is this game so bad?!?!

I want to play, but Rovio is so selfish because they have horrible reviews that they won't let me play. I got stuck at the loading screen for 10 minutes straight and I still couldn't get in. I tried deleting and reinstalling but still it doesn't work. Anyone with me write a review that says BOO ROVIO

Waste of time

If blue balls were a game... it would be angry birds evolution. I started out loving this game and have spent some hard earned money playing it. Never again! I have been a paying customer of this game since I started playing it. I thought the game was worth it. But... no It’s not and it doesn’t even make the game any better. The game itself is incredibly addictive but you will always feel as if you aren’t getting enough to really do anything in the game. I don’t do reviews folks. But I had to write one for this game because of the fact that I truly do enjoy playing it. I have never been in a position where game play has made me absolutely hate playing a game I love playing.

Fix this problems

Any time I playing needs rest at minimum 4 times that's stupid

Game is MUCH worse than before

In this past revision, they took away the ability to get trophies from PvP, the ability to get gems from the Tower, and I have noticed as well, you can no longer get sign posts, flame away, etc. from the arena. Also, when I go to where the program says I can get the flame retardant tubes, I actually just was gypped a scout when I didn’t get any flame retardant cream at all from either the PvP or standard battle. I don’t like the changes they have made. I want the old way back as soon as possible.


Stop making games already there trash


Heavy game on the iPhone 6 plus I wish to support Arabic language

No connection

That’s what I get every time I opened the stupid game,,, I hit certain level and I just can’t go on,,, I lost already 3 times my ones because I deleted the app and re installed,,,, I’m done I want my money back


I am currently loving this game, apart from one glitch. I am still in the blue forest, because when I do battles I never get the required items like the bouquet for wonder bird. I cannot progress and I am at a large disadvantage without a fifth bird and no leader bonus

Server issues....UGH!

I love the game but the recent server issues have wasted my diamonds, me gaining a super powerful bird in the dungeon. I had a three star bird and was about to get my next star when the game froze because of server issues.

Server errors

Critical errors like crazy and the pvp is supposed to be more competitive but the ones I play with the same trophies as myself are way overpowered and kill 1 pig and take half of my health so between that and the critical errors I lose pvp trophies like a 5 year loses teeth. So I’ll probably just delete it and that’s a shame cause before all of the problems it was a solid game.

Server issues- terrible support

I have been playing for some time but server issues and ridiculous changes to pvp Not to mention it is pay to play - can’t advance w/O spending I’m done - don’t waste ur time.

Used to be fun, now just BUGGY

I finally get some of my birds past level 80– where the real fun supposedly begins, and for over a week, whenever it seems I'm on the verge of a hard-fought victory in battle, I get a “critical server error”, the whole game crashes and often i have to restart my iPad just to get back to the game to see how much progress i lost. Its often substantial. Depending on the strength of your opponent some battles can last over 5 minutes and net you big rewards. With all the bugs you will use up the time and have nothing to show for it. I think ROVIO is too far over its head with all the different Angry Birds games. Maybe its time to just concentrate on doing awesome things with the original.

Critical reloading

Extremely tired of having to reload my game due to critically low or the game not loading at all. Please fix bugs.

Scam Game

I NEVER get a single premium ticket until i reach the 20th floor on the eagle mountain, and more interesting thing is I ALWAYS get one on the 20th floor no matter which door I choose. Like ALWAYS. Your chance of getting premium tickets is totally controlled by the computer, and this is not simply a 25%-chance game. But the thing is premium tickets are pretty much worthless too. Last week’s event was a joke. I spent a lot of time to collect the items get the very last reward of the event, a golden ticket, but this stupid ticket only gave me bunch of 2- and 3-star birds and only a single 4-star bird, while my chance of getting the 5-star-event bird was supposed to be 11 times higher at that point. I even spent 900 gems to hatch 6 more birds after the golden ticket, but again, I only got 3-star birds. And now I keep getting “critical server errors” and losing scouts for nothing. And in Oinktagon battles, my opponents (computer) often gets no damage after I defeated pigs, while I always lose a significant amount of life every time they defeat pigs. I used to enjoy this game a lot, but Ive started noticing these sneaky stuff going on, and I will probably stop playing this game soon for the same reason I stopped playing Angry Birds 2, unless they make any changes in the app. The developers of these games are crazy greedy as hell, to say the least.

Total $ Snatcher!!!!!!!!!!

Be ready to throw cash at this game if you want to get anywhere!

Like it but serve issues all the time

I really like the game. But because server issues I have lot of PVP, mountain battle etc. Plus money because the app crashed Need solutions fast.

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