Angry Birds Evolution App Reviews

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Fascinating game

The game is fun and the birds are nice. The plot is too fast for a guinea pig to beat. Account information except Facebook, can I use Google to synchronize?

Great game for all ages

Fun game pretty addicting. Some adds but what free games don't have some. It is fun for all ages, bored at work or keep the kids busy. Has a mac-brick type aspect that other angry bird games don't have. Worth a shot!


Omg best game ever haven't put down my phone (unless I had to wait for scouts or mountain) Anyways best game that kept my interest


Great game

More 5 star birds

We don't get enough 5 star birds in the hatchery. LET ME GET 2500 TROPHIES WHY WONT YOU LET ME GET 2500. And I meant I’m not getting enough five stars

Fix the app!!

Fix the app!! Have been playing for quite a while and spending money on the game. But now I suddenly cannot log onto the game -it tells me to update but I already did. I'm frustrated as I would love to play it.


Absolutely love this game

Update froze it

Was having a great time until the update caused it to freeze. Now I'm stuck in a loop of nothingness. What happened? Sure would like a refund of my money if this doesn't get fixed.

Not working

I love almost every Angry Birds game. And I loved this one until the most recent event. Even after the update, when I try to enter a "hard" level, the sound fx are there, but it's stays on the screen to enter the battle. I've wasted scouts & lost battles (that could equate to event points) at least 5 times. A fix would be nice.

Good game...sneaky developer tactics

Good game, addicting. As you build your team your birds get stronger which means you get more “points”, but twice now the developer has cut the power of my birds in updates. They call it “nerfing” I call it dishonest. You paid for those points to make your birds stronger. And the developer decides to downgrade your bird and make you pay again to get your bird back up to power. NOT ABOVE BOARD, NOT TRANSPARENT. They say it is to keep people from cheating. They are the ones cheating. I wouldn’t expect this from Rovio!

No quest target found

This was a beautiful game until I unlocked three scout birds and I was unable to do anything except a quest that wouldn't let me progress and instead kept giving me an error stating the quest target could not be found. I wasted a half hour before uninstalling the game. I hope it works better for you.

Excellent Twist!

I love this new angry birds twist. It is excellent and engrossing. Great job Angry Birds!


Great game. Highly recommend it.

Angry birds evolution

The biggest problem I've had with this game is the server issues. I've lost numerous gems or points with the server issues

Can’t play

Went to open the game today, got a message: “there is a new update available. Please fetch it now from the store” . Ok, so when I click on the “open store” icon, it opens to the Angry Birds Evolution app....but there’s no download there, just an option to “open” the app. I click on open and it takes me right back to—->”there is a new update available. Please fetch it now from the store “ . Very frustrating! Please advise as to how I can just PLAY THE GAME!

Too many bad updates

I have been playing this game since it's release. I have spent more money on this really fun game than I ever have on a game. I mean I usually spend only 10.00 a month. This one I have spent $100's. I felt it was my entertainment. The in app communication with my clan is great. But they only allow you to have 10 friends which makes it lopsided when you want to send gifts to more people because you have 15 people in your clan. Now they have just done two updates and have overly Nerfed our birds and have set them up to drop power ups for the AI to gather and now I lose battles. It's not the losing that is at issue here. It's the losing the opportunity for a key for the dungeon which you need to go play in to get Evolution materials and Evolution essence. I am really upset. Things were fine before they were nerfing all the birds!!! This might be me leaving this game as well as my clan. I am a Co-Leader of my Clan too! But this is horrible now!!!'

Very cool graphics

Yeah I'm hooked on this game I love the hole game so far Five stars 👍


Is the word

Bad matches in arena poor servers

Poor updates! ROVIO continually downgrading birds players have paid for. Battles are continually with errors@ and players exposed to 59 point loss with only ten point win unless they favor you. Birds NERFED This development staff is NOT paying attention to user base. Expensive game with less than optimal support. Buyers beware!!!!!!!!

It's a ok game but support is a joke

I give a 1 star because it makes me but it should be a no star because support won’t even reply back to 4messages I sent them what a waste of time don’t waste your time and effort cause anything goes wrong they won’t do anything about it I think the support doesn’t even exist honestly so I’m done with the app tired of trying on my end with nothing from rovio at all

Good game

Would be a five but keep getting dropped by server

Great game BUT

I have been robbed about 5/6 times now for the super gold Free Egg videos. The videos ALWAYS lock up and freezes the game. Then forces me to reset it. Then it resets the timer and doesn’t allow me to retrieve the egg reward.


I really enjoy this game!

Has its flaws

Great game very addicting but getting five star birds is to difficult

Could be great.

PvP is very unfair especially for events. Server acts up a lot. Would be nice if you could switch evolutions of your 4,5 star birds. Scouts take too long to regenerate. Frustrating you took away the daily free premium ticket. Have to pay a subscription to get that now. Please fix theses concerns. 9/21 I'm not getting rewards for leveling up anymore.


It's a great game. Very fun and entertaining! The egg hatching is a bit t of a scam though!!!


Best Game Ever

App Crash

Love the game and it would normally be a five star review... but with the new update I’ve experienced a lot of server crashes in the middle of battles or most recently while in Eagle Mountain and lose all my progress! Please fix this!

Angry birds evolution

New to this type of 3D game I am enjoying it immensely. 63 and still HI TEK

Very engaging!

I have been playing this game for a little while and I am amazed! I love the humor! I love the concept! I love kicking pig butt! My two requests... 1. Color in the bird bio cards to reflect the evolution progress for easier reference. If it's already in the works... Awesome!! Thank you!, 2. Make more bonus bird sets with active super shot modes!! Otherwise... More updates please!?!

Pig pong

Very satisfying game.

I have a suggestion...

You guys, this game is great and all but can you have an update where you can go back to previous levels? It's sorta sucky when you finish the game and can't go back.

Fun if you pay for it

I was addicted at first and it seemed like it would be fun but after the first level it becomes impossible to continue unless you are willing to pay constantly for upgrades. The chances that you get to win diamonds instead of having to pay for it is taken away by a pig that has a very high chance of showing up. You can only send out scouts so many times a day to find pigs to help you gain coins and level up. There is no back tracking so if you can't grind that leaves you stuck paying money to get through the story and it's not worth it

Lost my diamonds


Takes to long

Simple pay to play cause you're constantly waiting on gems and gold unless you buy more. Not to mention this game is ate up with ads. For Shane angry birds. Y'all used to be cool

New Challenges area buggy

Has locked up twice where I wanted to pay gems to continue and then cost 300 to start a new one (second time), where had the bug not seized up the screen, it would have been 50 to continue. Needs fixed, badly. Buggy in many other areas too. Too many to list here.

Server frustration

Fun game, but multiple server issues makes it frustrating enough to consider deleting.

A fun game but low on incentives

I've spent a lot of time playing. In the beginning it was fun. Then you start to realize that you have to spend money to get anywhere. The game refuses to give you a 5 or 4 star bird unless you spend money. The premium eggs will still give you one or two star birds. I have bought the hatch 10 eggs and end up with almost all useless birds most are 1 star. A 3 star bird is a complete waste to keep upgrading.

Could have been five stars...

I have really liked this game; leveling up and ability to gain the necessary items to do so has been good. I do not pay to play and for that this has been an enjoyable game. I'm currently at level 71 and seriously considering removing the app due to game crashing/loading issues. When this happens you lose the items you have acquired. The game would not load when trying to access a dungeon. When the app was restarted not only were all of my acquired and necessary keys gone but it made all dungeons now inaccessible. When trying to level up birds the app crashes and all items needed for the leveling up are lost and your bird remains at the same level. When trying to use a scout to access an area the game crashes but your scout is then lost, granted it will come back in time but seriously Rovio???? The game crashing and loading issues this game has makes it more frustrating than enjoyable to play.


Good game lots of fun

game froze sometime

after the last update it froze on me a few times. I starting to get tired of it after a few time i got froze in a 3 wave battle and got a super gold chest. need to fix it ASAP


Absolutely amazing work on this game very well made



Fun game, too bad you have to spend a ton of money to enjoy it

Waaaaay to greedy of a game, super sad to have fun and get far you have to spend a heck of a lot of money

Great game

Great game


Decent game, but not as good as original Angry Birds. Would be better if it could be played offline.


It is very difficult to get 4~5star birds.

Pretty bad actually if you don't want to spend money

The so-called free ads to give you opportunities to hatch higher rarity birds always make the app close. Ridiculous. Uninstalled

To many bugs,

Just lost two scouts to glitches. Have lost challenges because of glitches. This game reminds me of the transformer bird game, impossible to win without spending real cash for gems. At times you get a nice bundle of prizes and WHAM somebody hits you and you lose it all. Maxed out with keys, can't evolve my birds because of the impossible prize requirements. Sad could be a fun game but I'm not spending real cash, and I will beginning looking for new game

Problems after upgrade

Before the last "upgrade" my rating would have been higher, however the game will lock up right after I get done getting treasure of some type and all there is to do is shut the app down and restart it loosing the treasure

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