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Started off fun. Although Tbs it crashed daily. That part at least is improving, but the offers and pay for play are getting worse. Not sure how much longer I will play as it’s getting more expensive the longer I play, not good

Ripped off (again)

So glad I paid to activate the clan trophy bonus to have it not work, while I’m in a dog fight for first place... Can you say rigged...

The eagle tower is a RIP OFF.

The game is entertaining but the eagle tower is a rip off and so os hatching eggs for event birds. The only way to complete the eagle tower is to pay for a butt load of diamonds. It really is a money making scheme. I have lost plenty of “rewards” after completing parts of the game because the server stopped working and when it worked again the rewards were gone. Diamonds included.


Pretty good I just wonder when will the original angry birds come back

Kill them piggies

Mmmmmm. Smells like bacon 🤪!!!


Good game👍

I am now homeless

I was addicted to this game, it controlled my life. It was a crippling problem. I stopped eating, stopped sleeping, and stopped doing any of my other hobbies. I also spent all my money on this game. I‘m not going to say how much, but it was tens of thousands of dollars. I couldn’t pay rent and I was evicted. I haven’t been able to find a place yet, I am living on the streets. My wife left me and has full custody of the kids. Don’t download this game, don’t make the same mistake I did.

Limited play time.

Fun, but it takes too long for scouts to reenergize for continued play beyond 30 consecutive minutes. Coins are too few when won in battles. These coins are needed to merge, strengthen, and evolve birds which takes forever unless you cave in and pay for coins and diamonds. Rare 5 star birds are not won during events unless you purchase deals or are very lucky that you win one without having to have an increased chance of winning one at 15 or better.

Very Addictive

Can spend hours playing this game because there are so many options: the Event Island(Lady Bacon concert music is my absolute fav); Eagle Mountain; Major Pecker’s Daily Challenge; PVP League (I’m in the Legend League 💪🏾); PVP Oinktagon Arena; Dugeons; Adventures (is it me or is it just titled “Rumble at Eagle Mountain” 🤔); hatching birds, evolving birds! It’s all super fun. I’ve been playing since January and I have yet to be bored (fingers crossed 🤞🏾). It’s a great game to play and if you buy any of the neat packages, it’s affordable/reasonable price 🤷🏽‍♀️

Can’t Update

Every time I hit the update button on my phone it says “ cant download AB evolution” and every time I chose retry it says the same thing... FIX THIS

Love it!

To all the complainers that say it’s too hard.. here’s a game play tip, stop playing the story game mode until you’ve obtained higher level birds and strengthened your team! It’s just a game people, lighten your stress load and enjoy it!

Great game. Constant freezing

This game is fun when it’s not glitching and freezing. They recently nerfed the coins you get when selling a bird but the other new features makes up for that. I would give this game 4 or 5 stars if it would quit freezing. Super frustrating.

The game is okay - still want my grievances fixed

Update: didn’t see the issues that people said for glitches. I’m happy on that. Other than that, my grievances that follow still stands: This game takes so many gems that I can’t believe that they just pretty much took away the ability to get even 20 gems by playing the Eagle Mountain. Also, they reduced the amount of coins you get for selling birds and the amount of coins for finishing the dungeons. All this On top of taking away trophies for on-map PvP makes this the worst update ever previously.

STOOPPP with the updates

There’s an update all of the time. Changes little to nothing each time and requires a WiFi connection. Also freezes you out until you update. I will be deleting this game.

Still no switching between accounts

Even though I love this game and I have been playing it for years, but what is really getting on my nerves is, that I cannot switch between my 2 accounts! How is that possible that they can give me a ghost account every time I log out but I am unable to open my alternate account. This update said “you asked so we listened”....well, you listened but didn’t hear! Now I am totally stuck on my weaker account without any hope to get back to the other one. Thanks. You just lost a good customer!

Feedback is a gift

ABE is evolving, I see that. Yes, I get frustrated at times. I’m sure we all do. But looking at the big picture, this is an amazing game, that I will continued to play because of the challenges. Keep up the good work!

Getting worse

With the updates the lockup’s are getting worse and more often. Really getting frustrating, ready to dump this game and find something else.

Discontinued game

I wish you guys didn’t remove angry birds fight. If Rovio (sorry if I misspelled your name)reads this, can you add back angry birds fight?

I finished tutorial

Got my points... game served it’s purpose, but still not my game type.. uninstalled... got rewards... not a good way to keep me interested... I do not wish to be notified of anything... please...

Shouldn’t have changed event stuff.

I’m a huge supporter of this game, I’ve had it since it came out. I love it. It has been my absolute favorite game for a long period of time. I’ve put a lot of money into it because I enjoy it so much. I was a religious player played every day multiple times a day. Since the new bomb event came out I have played it 1 time 1 day. I don’t like the new update because it makes it way harder to succeed in the events. The rewards are lame and it takes too long to get them. Take it back to the way the rewards were before the bomb event please. It’s so much better. With all the gems and way more juice to do the event. Normally I’d give this game a 5 star rating but the new event style really killed my buzz over the game thank you.


I’m just playing for sims FreePlay and to get 11 lp so um yes THIS GAME BTW IS Pretty good download it! It’s very fun and I love it and I’m yea so fun!!! aaaaaaa śüb tó mÿ ÿt çhàńñèł : HeyītsMonica :3


This IS my favorite game. I don’t mind buying bundles or even the subscription but I cannot deal with them taking our rewards away and expecting us to pay for everything. I’ve been playing for a year and I’ve spent a lot...why not try to keep the consumer happy? That’s a compromise. If Rovio will fix these issues and appreciate their players more, I will retract this bad review. I want them to know that I am a VIP and also a clan leader. This is NOT how you treat loyal players. =(

where is my spin?

i download and play the other game in order to earn more spin, i finished the tutorial but you never give me any spin, for the record mine worth 30 spins...

Going in the wrong direction?

Lots of changes happening here, and player satisfaction is not one of them. Bad play, high costs, and low rewards are making many players unhappy. So, no video watching and no purchases until we see improvements.

cool and addicting



RBrendan fttrctrctrctrc

Angry birds evolution

I like the game however there are plenty of issues, rare birds are not offered more than once or twice a year! of late they have removed 2800 gems which leaves only arena earned gems or gems found in chests!......Rovio needs to fix this right away! No sense to even play anymore!....I’ve been playing since it’s onset, with each new update Rovio has taken away more resources!......

Angry Birds Evolution

Once a great game until they keep on taking and taking. Use to could play the game to get somewhere in game now all Rovio wants is your money and you as a player don’t matter. Many of the players have had enough and quit playing this game. So save yourself some heartache by not downloading this game or get ready to spend lots of money.

The new changes made the game boring

Took away the best rewards, this game keeps getting worse & worse, just going go delete it and find something new to play.

Good game

Good game but I wish when you sold the birds you got more money from them

Rovio hates the players

This game started out enjoyable but with every update the videos remove anything that provides fun to players and just reduced rewards again. If you have not started- don’t!!!!

This game was fun

This game was fun until it is now a pay to play game all the way. I know they have to make money but now they have taken any rewards we were getting that were decent and dropped them to nothing. Clans are falling apart silver tickets used to give you 2star to 3 star eggs. Now it’s one to two. And gold tickets don’t even give out 3 to 4 star eggs anymore Rovio needs to go back like it was in the last event ( that we are now playing every week ) and I will change my rating. I will not spend anymore on this game

Worse with every update...

Turning into a Pay to Play game. They’ve reduced rewards from all aspects of the game. The latest event rewards are ridiculous. Customer Support is far from being supportive. Everyone gets the same copy and paste replies from them. If they even get a reply. They run beta tests on us. Instead of testing them out with a small group before releasing an update to everyone. Seems every update is worse for us than the last. Causing more and more players to quit the game altogether. So sad. We used to have such fun playing this game. :(

Everything good is gone :(

This used to be my favorite game. However, recently the game makers have decided to take away more and more rewards every couple of weeks for the past few months. With the changes it makes it very hard to upgrade birds or play without paying, spending tons of your own money. They used to have good deals for $1.99-7.99 US and now the deals they show are $99.99 US so even if you are willing to spend money that is just a ridiculous amount. Any newbies downloading the game would take a whole year to upgrade a bird to prestige level 10. I’ve been playing for over a year, had a monthly subscription for daily gems (paid with actual money) and I still haven’t been able to upgrade a bird to level 10 prestige. They think that by removing a prize of 1000 gems and replacing it with 2,000 gold is a good deal when it takes about 100,000 gold to upgrade a bird fully. You literally have to be a 24/7 player to get anywhere now and really who has that kind of time?


The game was fun until you started nerfing the rewards now it is no longer worth playing I will not be buying anything from you until you fix this problem

All clans unhappy!

This game used to be so much fun. People play it for a while, get your team up and finally find a great clan. Used to get top rewards from rovio but suddenly they have taken 90% of rewards away without notice and game is no longer fun. It seems rovio does not care about their players. Money money money is all I see in their eyes and it’s just not fair and or a fun game anymore! If all the top clans are boycotting the events.. you would think a change would be made ASAP! An apology.. some rewards.. maybe answering a ticket for once.. anything! Not happy and for that you get a 1 Star! Would give a zero if I could! Sincerely, A once dedicated daily player for past 2 years!

Save yourself and don’t bother downloading!

Rovio is swiftly declining in customer service and reliability. Rovio has ZERO appreciation for the customer. Customer loyalty means nothing to this company and constant server errors and app crashes are rampant and largely ignored by Rovio. They either send a canned response blaming the player or they delete tickets and never respond. Add to that the fact that Rovio has gotten money hungry and greedy and it’s pointless to play this game. With each update they remove more and more rewards leaving you to have to spend actual real $$ to play the game at an even low level competitive nature. When the app crashes or the server doesn’t respond, you lose what little resources you earn to play the game. Rovio saw big interest in a sub-optimal game and got greedy. Stick with other reputable games. Save yourself a headache and don’t bother downloading this game. Avoid at all costs!

Terrible Customer Service

I use to love this game and played it daily ... Now I’m SO SICK of ROVIO 🤢🤮 ALL they care about is me spending MONEY 💵 but NO MORE ... I will never spend another dime on this game !!! And the generic responses to tickets ... Waste of time to complain!

Chronically mismanaged game

What used to be one of the best mobile games I have ever played has been gutted by Rovio’s mismanagement and greed. Every single aspect of this game that is good gets killed off or saddled with expensive price tags. With the latest rounds of “updates” it is now exceedingly difficult to gather in game currency without a credit card. Without the currency advancing in game is painstakingly slow if not impossible. This is a free to play game in name only.

Keeps getting worse. Don’t download.

I’m a long time player of ABE but have watched Rovio single handily ruin this game. It used to be addicting and I couldn’t wait to play. Now it’s so hard to advance even as a high level player. They’ve sucked the life and fun out of this game just to increase their sales. Poor business practices. Save yourself the frustration and don’t download this game!

Don’t waste your time

This used to be a fun game..... about 1 year ago. Since then they have taken away the very basic things. It’s bad enough it takes forever to get the birds, then to evolve them. The non stop not worth my time events are tiresome and repetitive. It’s coming to the point that if you want to play and not devote your whole life you’d have to spend a lot of real money and then who knows, they’ll probably make it even more expensive


Turning into a pay for play game. Low rewards on events to force players to by gems.

Money grab

This used to be a fun game but Rovio has turned into nothing more than a money grab after reducing the rewards to next to nothing.

Beta testing on paying customers without telling them

Randomly taking away all the rewards u can earn for free in a supposed free to play game platform at random without explanation. They call it “testing” for new game development. But lets be real, what this is really about is them testing to see how much blood they can squeeze from a turnip. Seeing if they can lower rewards to get more money and using shady tactics to do so instead of simply improving the in game chat systems, creating exciting new gameplay, correcting server issues, and other more “complicated” means of actually earning more money from loyal gamers. They choose to attempt to use well known tricks on the players into nabbing all the resources in one dangling carrot event then immediately remove any way of replenishing resources without money to force spending.

Used to love it

This game is so much fun but they constantly are nerfing birds and rewards. You purchase energy to play the events and the extra disappears. Today they reduced the event rewards by 90%. It’s heartbreaking

Do not play this game

This company is literally stealing from people. they have made up a game to basically allow for defeat if you do not spend hundreds of dollars. I have had the game for a year and literally i’m at my wits end. stick with what you’ve played and know. the changes they make only use all of your resources and don’t allow for any reward worthy game play. Trash!!

Reducing incentives to play

I loved this game when I first started out but EVERY SINGLE week they are taking away incentives for players. They continue to reduce gem rewards and they are basically trying to force players to spend money. It’s unfair and I will be deleting the game until further notice.

I don’t like the Flockaballoza event

The 2nd choice of battle background music for the Flockaballoza event, please get rid of it.

Fun but time consuming

This game is an absolute blast to play but it takes a lot of free time to be able to advance quickly as needed in this game.

Money Money Money!!!

This game/app is a cash cow!! Whoever is involved in this has to be making a lot of money!! Very creative and intelligent. These people love angry birds so much, make em pay pay pay!!! Cha-Ching fools hahahaa!!! Quit complaining and start paying or leave it’s up to you!! Defeat the infidels!!!

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